Information on the Seminar with Master Yang

Dear Yang-Family-Taiji-Friends,
Master Yang Jun will be in Germany from 15 thru 18 April 2017.

Venue: Kiel (Germany)

Master Yang teaches Yang-Family-Taiji traditional handform basics and applications in both theory and practice will be instructed during the first 3 days (from 15 thru 17 April), followed by Taiji-Tuishou (Pushhands) in both theory and practice on Tuesday, 18 April !!!

The seminar is highly instructive for all Tai Chi Chuan styles and open for all inner martial arts. Taiji beginners are welcome to participate on Saturday and Sunday (15 and 16 April).

The seminar will be conducted mainly in English.
This Masterseminar takes place at the invitation of Jens Ammermann ( and Thilo Krienke ( and it is certified by the “Yang Family Taijiquan Association” also for all “Members of the Yang Family Taiji Teacher Academy”. A certificate with credit points of attendance will be issued after completion.
Further information: Prices and registration form (German version)
Further information on hotel accommodation in Kiel central city.
For further information regarding this seminar, or to fill out the pdf registration form (german version) please contact Jens Ammermann ( and Thilo Krienke (

Kind regards,
Uli Hoffmann

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